My late Father Maher Abdullah (1959–2004) رحمه الله wrote a poem entitled The Impossible Absence (الغياب المستحيل), published in the Muslim Palestine magazine (فلسطين المسلمة) in 1993.

The inspiration for the poem was the Palestinian martyr Emad Aqel (1971–1993) رحمه الله and all the martyrs before and after him.

His poetic words became popular through a famous song Enamoured/Enchanted My Soul (فتنت روحي) by the singer and composer Ayman Al-Hallaq, which my Mum discovered after my Dad returned to ALLÂH ﷻ.

He never knew his poetic words became a well-loved song.

I share with you dear readers my Dad’s complete poem.

The opening and ending of the song are from the poem below and the poetic words in the middle of the song are from a poem by the poet Abdul Rahim Mahmoud (1913–1948) رحمه الله.

الغياب المستحيل

Copyright © (The Late) Maher Abdullah. All Rights Reserved.

فتنت روحي

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