Despite and in spite of her oppressive suffocation, Palestine continues to bravely strive and fight for her survival, rights and freedom.

Planting Palestinian Flag

Black, the smouldering air she breathes in

Raped, beaten, naked within her own skin


Her children, she coats in sheets of pure white

When their time has come to return to the light


She walks on a natural carpet barely green

With radiant grace and elegance so serene


She stands tall and strong in her crimson dress

With genuine dignity and pride and nothing less

December 2004


  1. عن جد حبيبتي ولا آروع من هيك كلمات وطبعا اكيد مش غريب عليك وعلى شفافيتك

    Keep up the good work 7ayati.

    Jazaki Allahu Khaira

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