Today is the day the first Arab despot – “President” Zein Al-‘Ābideen Bin ‘Ali – was overthrown by the Tunisians. On the occasion of the triumphant ousting, I want to share a poem commemorating the first “anniversary” of the first “successful” Arab “revolution” in the 21st century, which started in Tunisia and the bravery of the Tunisians sent ripples across the Arab nations – with the exception of the craven ones – where they followed suit.

It is also in memory of the first martyr (inshâ’Allâh) Mohammed Bouazizi (29th, March 1984 – 4th, January 2011).

History is important. If you don’t know history it is as if you were born yesterday. And if you were born yesterday, anybody up there in a position of power can tell you anything, and you have no way of checking up on it.

The Late Howard Zinn


  1. ‘In solidarity you now stand in multitude,
    You decided this is time to be brave,
    Your one voice is your fortitude,
    Even if it sends you to an early grave.’

    I loved this part awy – Allah Yerhem el Shohadaa ya Rab.

    So shall we expect one on the 25th? 🙂

    Your poetry is really nice ya Rabab, although I keep looking up some words in the dictionary, it’s still close and simple.

  2. Lovely poem, you said it all. Can’t believe it’s already been one year! I hope I get to read your poem for Syria, it’s going to be a tricky one 🙂

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