Sawsan Rashad

Homemaker | Egypt-Turkey

BESPOKE Coaching & Aromatic Formulation

FOR Persistent Chronic Pain

I’m 70 years of age with chronic back and foot pains that I manage with whatever conventional doctors prescribe, with the belief it’s better, trustworthy and guaranteed, and used by many; otherwise, why prescribe them. I was sceptical about using the aromatic blends Rabab made.

What forced me to start using them was because I ran out of my prescriptions with no other choice but the natural option. It’s my first time using essential oils.

I became a believer in the existence of effective natural alternatives Al-Ĥamdu-Lilâh.

I felt an enormous improvement in my back once I applied the blend. When I suffered from foot and knee pains, I consulted with Rabab who advised me to use the same Soothing Salve™ with wonderful relieving results.

It’s not only the quality of the aromatic blends that makes dealing with Rabab great; it’s her following up and ongoing correspondence to check if the salve is still effective. But that’s not all. She articulated the importance of healthy nutrition – with Prophetic Medicine – in conjunction with using natural aromatic blends. A holistic approach that starts with natural whole nutrition complemented with natural products. She devised a simple healthy eating plan ensuring I implemented it. Occasionally, she’d share simple and easy-to-make healthy recipes making my life easier.

Applying Rabab’s simple programme helped me shed excess weight, one of the main causes for my back and knee pains, hindering my recovery. She was candidly clear about how the blends will not provide the sought-after relief long-term if not accompanied with a healthy change in my nutrition.

All in all, my experience is great, and I strongly recommend her aromatic blends and coaching, stressing the need to follow Rabab’s suggestions for an excellent outcome.

Many thanks to Rabab for her effort and care – Jazâki Allâhu Khaira.