Noor Al-Saadi

The beauty in your poetic verses of pure love for Allâh ﷻ, stirred an awakening within me restoring the khushû’ I missed when performing salâh, bringing life back into my prayers and invoking within me my love for Allâh ﷻ. 

Sawsan Rashad

I felt an enormous improvement in my back once I applied the blend. When I suffered from foot and knee pains, I consulted with Rabab who advised me to use the same Soothing Salve™ with wonderful relieving results.

Hanan Asad

Rabab helped me in many areas, supported me morally and during my tough times, and lovingly made natural blends specific to my needs. Texted reminders and resources suitable for my body type and health condition and raised my awareness as a Muslim.