AND I’m Still Here

They used to say Palestinians fight like heroes, now they say heroes fight like Palestinians.

Norman Finkelstein
NAME:Dāwūd Ishāq Ibrāhim (David Isaac Abraham)
AGE:5 Years Young
CAUSE:Equality, Freedom and Justice for Palestinians and ALL Humanity for ALLÂH ﷻ
SLOGAN:Jerusalem IS Ours AND I’m Still Here

صَامِدٌ هُنَا.. مَا أَقَامَ مُكَبِّرٌ

شَوْكَةٌ، بَلْ زَيْتُونَةٌ فِي التُّرَابِ

Standing here, as long as there is a call to prayer

Like a thorn, or rather an olive tree, deeply rooted in the earth!


The further a society drifts from the truth, the more it will hate those who speak it.

George Orwell

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