Everlast is famous for its boxing related innovations and the Women’s MMA (Mixed Martial Arts) Evercool Kickboxing Gloves is one such design.

They are Level II gloves ~ Advanced Technology and Materials with the following features:

  • Evercool™ Mesh ventilation panels;
  • Everfresh™ Antimicrobial treatment preventing offensive odours, keeping products smelling fresh;
  • Closed cell technology for hand safety;
  • Adjustable Hook and Loop Wrist Strap for a secure fit and quick on and off.

Included is a three-round Full Body MMA Workout with clear and concise instructions, and an encouragement,

You don’t have to step into the ring to get a great workout. The boxing workout is found in gyms everywhere. Boxing tones the whole body, builds core strength and has tremendous cardiac benefits. Stay strong inside and outside with Everlast.

The gloves can be used on training, speed, MMA and boxing bags, as well as for any cardio boxing: Tai box, shadowboxing or kickboxingno ring, no bag – in a gym or within the comfort of one’s home. However, they are predominately designed for cardio kickboxing so they should not be used regularly on a bag to maintain durability.

They may take some time to get used to but once you break into them and gain more flexibility, they are comfortably fun to use. Even more so, if you tend to grip too hard when in “punching mode”, the gloves are a protective barrier to prevent just that with the internal padding making it even more fitting. Fingers, knuckles, palms and wrists are protected with breathability, without the worry of hands overheating.

Although the gloves are aesthetically appealing, there are two cons:

ONE: Everlast Women's MMA Evercool Kickboxing GlovesA flaw not to my taste, which is the shade of pink. Why is pink synonymous with women’s products? Why not yellow, lime green, cyan, blue, magenta or the obvious shades like white, grey or black, etc.? If you share my diastase for the colour, you can overlook it if your priority is fitness, comfort and hygiene – we cannot have it all, can we now!

TWO: A factor to take into consideration, generally Everlast gloves come in two sizes: S/M and L/XL only, but this pair only comes in one size, which could be a problem.

I personally prefer my fingers exposed when wearing gloves, but this may not be the case for you so consider this carefully and what you will be using them for to ensure you buy the suitable pair.

The price is affordable especially if you deem it an ongoing health and fitness investment.

I recommend these gloves if you are serious about fitness and love boxing, kickboxing or any mixed martial arts.

The strange thing is, once you have the gloves on, an overwhelming urge to train takes over and you cannot help but focus all your energy in training to your utmost potential for a great cardio, toning and strengthening practise.

And, if you are a fitness nut, then Evercool Kickboxing Gloves is the ideal product to purchase to add to the fun of melting away fat and defining muscle, with an expert touch. Just remember to stretch it out to calm your body down and comfort your little adrenals once your gloves are off.


It is imperative I add that combat (boxing, kickboxing, MMA) or extreme movement of any kind (HIIT, intense cardio, running) is not recommended for anyone with taxed adrenals, hormonal imbalances or severe inflammation.

You will exacerbate your condition adding more undue stress and waste energy you can wisely take care of by practising dynamic movement (barre, Essentrics®, rebounding), medicinal movement (qigong, tai chi, yoga), mindful movement (Pilates, walking), and/or light-to-moderate muscle conditioning (sliders, bodyweight, kettlebell, resistance band, weights), for better health and healing inshâ’Allâh – after healing from ALLÂH ﷻ.

March 2015

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