Photography ☁ Posing Pigeon

By Osama Maher

A glimpse into some salvaged photography by my late brother.


Allâh Yirĥamu ♡ 1982–2010


Photography by my late brother رحمه الله ♡ My inspiration to finally embrace the photographer in me and pursue it.

He was a creative, adventurous and active being, an entrepreneur and a natural born artist with an innate gift and talent in capturing the heart of the subject, theme and people, and people’s hearts he also really loved animals (and they loved him too) that he wanted to be a vet for a long time.



Posing Pigeon


Copyright © Osama Maher. All Rights Reserved.


1 Comment

  1. Some of the most inspiring and worthwhile photographs have been such as these. They haven’t been tainted or cluttered with many words. They speak all by themselves.


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