The Wind through the Keyhole

As-Salâmu ‘Alaykum,

I thought it would be different, fun and personal to get out of my comfort zone and share something Stephen King aficionados, avid readers and bibliophiles may appreciate.

I have been reading – and continue to read – Stephen King’s books for close to 20 years and so I was “geekily” excited to find my profile was part of the mosaic that made the cover design of The Wind through the Keyhole released in April 2012.

What made it sweeter, the book was a gift from my hubby


  1. Hi dearest,

    I love Stephen King! I have collected his hard copy and paper backs. And his movies. It’s hard to know which one was my favorite. I know ‘Firestarter’ was up there in the list. Amazing writer he is.


    1. My comment’s somewhat long but books, writing and writers are things I love to “talk” about so bear with me Kind Yisraela (~_^).

      I appreciate Stephen King because he’s an exceptionally unique writer who rarely over describes his characters and scenes unless it’s absolutely necessary, making it easier to turn his writings into films and, most importantly, leaves his storytelling to the imagination allowing readers to enter an unknown world exclusively their own with him as narrator. You escape from normalcy when reading his books. That’s the difference between a bad story writer, a competent, a good and a great one, and Stephen King’s great.

      His themes vary but are all original and sometimes outlandish. If you’ve ever read ‘The Long Walk’ you’ll fully understand what I mean.

      Stephen King’s latest films have been executed better and have done his novels, novellas and short stories more justice; unlike the early films which he disapproved of. Nonetheless, his books will always outrank the films.

      It’s hard to pick a favourite from his works but I enjoyed more the Richard Bachman books, short stories and recent works than the earlier ones – and I plan to own ALL his books.

      Even if one isn’t a fan of Stephen King’s stories, avid readers and writers would appreciate his play with words and story ideas, proficiency and prolificacy in writing fiction and nonfiction. ‘On Writing: A Memoir of the Craft’ and ‘Danse Macabre’ are indicative of all I’ve mentioned and excellent sources for writers.

      I’m currently reading ‘Carrie’, ‘Mr Mercedes’ and looking forward to sinking my teeth into ‘Doctor Sleep’, which is sitting on my bedside drawer waiting for my attention (~_^).

      Before I leave you in peace Yisraela, I was happy to read you’re also a Stephen King aficionado and I always enjoy reading your comments (^_^).

      I Wish You Well Always Yisraela – ALWAYS v(^_^)v

      1. I read and saw the movie ‘Carrie’; it was full of emotions and it was easy to feel the heart of the characters.

        You write well. I’m starting a writing project with another person. Hope it goes well.


        1. I’ve watched three renditions of ‘Carrie’ but they were all a disappointment (in my opinion). So, when I finally read the book, I was pleased to discover none interfered with my own imaginations whilst reading. By the way, your comment about ‘Carrie’ is spot on.

          As for your writing project, I hope it’s going well and it proves to be a success (^_^).

          Sending Positive Thoughts Your Way (^_^)

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