The power of people on top depends on the obedience of the people below. When people stop obeying, they have no power.

Howard Zinn

The current abysmal situation in Syria, which started 15th of March 2011, would wring a conscientious person’s heart with tumultuous emotions and force one into action – so one would think.

The beastly act of one man and the prevailing sectarian conflict seems to have caused more of a stir than that of the Syrians plight for freedom.


Repugnance is one emotion felt for the savage act committed by one Syrian rebel, Khalid Al-Hamad, nom de guerre [1] Abu Sakar, in April: the desecration of a deceased pro-Syrian regime soldier’s body by incising and biting his organ (heart or liver) in full view of a camera, whilst invoking the name of ALLÂH ﷻ.

One could not help but clutch one’s own heart and cover the mouth when watching the horror video.

The image of Hind bint ‘Utbah [2] رضي الله عنها conjures up in the mind, who had the liver of Hamza ibn ‘Abdul-Muttalib رضي الله عنه, the paternal uncle and companion of The Prophet Muhammad ﷺ, cut out for her to feast on.

Juxtaposing both vile events, the deeds mirror each other, and the motives are patently similar: revenge – an act forbidden in Islâm, and even more so, the act of cannibalism.

The similarities however end here.

It is crucial to note, Hind رضي الله عنها lived in an epoch in history termed the ‘Period of Ignorance’, an era before the divine revelation to Prophet Muhammad ﷺ, when extreme practises of paganism were alive, devoid of any respect for human life and dignity, and, before she embraced Islâm.

Conversely, a so-called religious Muslim carried out the horrific act in the twenty-first century.

Are we regressing to those days?


His justification for the sickly deed was because of footage saved on Syrian soldiers’ mobiles of massacred, mutilated, raped and tortured children and women.

Nonetheless, does this justify his ghastly macabre act?

Abu Sakar lost family members, some detained and others forced to displace because of the interminable and bloody Syrian Uprising.

The actions of Bashar Al-Assad’s soldiers are barbarically inhumane, but his, were vengefully cannibalistic.

Abu Sakar is part of a free Syrian army, The Independent ‘Umar Al-Fārūq Brigade, established in 2011. Wryly, the name in the title is that of ‘Umar bin Al-Khattāb رضي الله عنه, the second caliph of Islâm, the epitome of justice.

It would be easy to attribute the grisly deed of the cannibal as desperate; but Muslims who share his thinking – the enemy must be dehumanised as they dehumanise us – have themselves become oppressors.

Before anything, we are human, where the words humanity and humane derive from, nouns that are becoming fictional as the days bleed on.

What is the excuse when man becomes beast to fight oppression and injustice?

How primitive, low and animalistic has man become?


The assumed divide in Syria is sectarianism thanks to The Independent ‘Umar Al-Fārūq Brigade and similar task forces who fell trap to Bashar Al-Assad’s words by shifting the “war for freedom” to “war of denominations”.

The result, the savagery portrayed in the video and the few foolish people who have opted for inimicality and the perverse mob mentality, using the uprising as an excuse to execute their own agendas by distorting the revolution for a wrong cause.

Religious denomination is one key cause for the fissure amongst people – the clash of sects be they docile, volatile and all in between. Christians and Muslims are suffering because of it. Could this existing situation in Syria loom Syrians in the future? Just take Iraq and Lebanon as archetypes for what might await Syria when the spineless despot Bashar Al-Assad is finally overthrown.

Credit, teemed with despise, is due to the tyrant Bashar Al-Assad and his advocates; they must be relishing the outcome of their work especially when the current situation is what sparked the world’s attention rather than the Syrians fight for freedom.


What is truly riling though is how deep Syria is drowning in her own blood, which should have remained unshed had the world stepped in.

The British and American governments, and corrupt politicians, who have their own agendas in Syria, aided and funded Syrian rebels to wage their own internal war.

To fight the enemy when it is the “’other” is easy but when it is one of their own, Arab, prejudices somehow weed their way in the most heartless manner.

This is where “Hezbollah” [3] thrives, thrusting defensively into Syria in support of Bashar Al-Assad’s callous regime – Syria did fund them to rid them of “Israel” in 2006 after all – perpetuating the sectarian conflict. Not surprising, they did turn against their own people in 2008 breaking their vow never to do so.

To add more insult to gaping wounds, authorities in Arab nations watch in slumber the devouring of their neighbouring country, unless you count their futile peace talks by the very same authorities who do not allow freedom for their own people.

This simply means, waiting for Arab authorities to step in is mere fiction. Look at what happened in Palestine, and continues to happen, in Darfur for ten years and now happening in Yemen.

We watch and hear the cries of Syrians calling for the Arabs but to no avail. How are they to know that deep prejudices and pusillanimity pulsates through the veins of many Arab nations!

Who cares about fighting for freedom, justice and truth for the oppressed; many are complacent, craven or unwilling with main concerns that will shame anyone with a conscience.

There is the parody of support though.


At the precipice of one’s mind, there is a gnawing thought that Syria could be dissolving indefinitely, trying to oust one despot only to fall into the hands of another form of despotism: zealots camouflaging themselves in religiosity, the very same who may want to rule Syria one day.

All this will happen before our eyes, and Syria will one day be another forgotten story and nightmare imbruing the chronicles of time with her blood. That is, if Arabs continue not to voice what is right.

What was once upon a time an uprising for freedom has turned into an incessant brutal civil war of bloodbath, death and desolation, riven by religious differences, consuming the lives of many, losing the essence for why the Syrians revolted.

We should be cognisant not to let the actions of a few bigoted criminals deter from the true cause for the uprising: the brave actions of a people who fought with no outside aid for the sole right reason for ALL Syrians regardless of their religious beliefs – FREEDOM.

If you’re not ready to die for it, put the word ‘freedom’ out of your vocabulary.

Malcolm X رحمه الله

Yes, there will be Syrians who will return to ALLÂH ﷻ, but not in vain, they will have many hurdles to overcome and the quest for freedom may not be nigh; but, wars battled for the right reason and for a worthy cause will eventually prevail. When that day comes, Syria can stand proud because she deservedly attained her freedom.

However, if we lose perspective about the cause for the Syrian Uprising, we will be sending the message to the Syrians that Bashar Al-Assad won, hence, we rob them of their valour for freedom.

Power in defence of freedom is greater than power on behalf of tyranny and oppression, because power, real power, comes from our conviction which produces action, uncompromising action.

Malcolm X رحمه الله

[1] A French phrase meaning “name of war” adopted by insurgents.

[2] The wife of the Quraish chieftain, Abu Sufyān ibn Ĥarb رضي الله عنه, in the seventh century.

[3] Title of “Hezbollah” – Ḥizb-Allâh, ‘Party of Allâh’ – is taken from The Holy Qur’ân. It is enclosed in quotation marks because I believe the group is unworthy and grossly misrepresent the undeserved title.

May 2013

1 Comment

  1. Please do not assume evil intent is the reason for US hesitancy to enter the war in Syria. We’ve been trying to end the awful conflict started by our previous leader, that we all vehemently oppose, do not want to repeat, and so feel we have no business entering militarily into a new war.

    We’ve sent weaponry to the rebels, but we have to be careful lest they fall into the wrong hands (which is always a possibility with the FSA being disorganized on the ground [as is evident by your post of this man who is not fighting for the real cause of Syrian freedom like the main branch of the FSA]); and we must be careful because of a tense relationship with Russia, which is on the side of Assad. If we were to enter militarily, it could spark an armed conflict with Russia thereby extending the war, and creating exponentially more death and destruction.

    The American public actually wishes that any aid we send is purely humanitarian, for we feel that arming any side just prolongs the violence. However, we accept the Syrian people are under attack, and need to defend themselves. We’ve also been trying to negotiate and maintain a no-fly zone to prevent Assad from simply wiping out the Syrian people with massive amounts of air power.

    The US very much supports the people of Syria, supports a free Syria. We do not wish to colonize or spread our brand of democracy; we just believe the rebels deserve a fair fight. The Syrian people will decide what kind of Syria they want (many support returning to a previous state of transparency, education, open communication, and total freedom of religion for all), and the American people want to see them get it.

    We are tired of war, tired of death; we are tired of our bad leaders that perpetuate it for profit. Do not believe the tiny bits of ridiculousness you see in the media about us. They do not represent the heart of the American people, just as this man does not represent the heart of the Syrian people.

    Thank you for your informative, well-written, and balanced post.

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