June 2012


  1. Many things we feel, we hide..
    Many thoughts we have, we ignore..
    Hoping that if we suppressed them long enough,
    That maybe just maybe they’ll fade away..
    But some things can never just disappear,
    Things like struggle..
    They say it builds a character,
    But it also sometimes builds bitterness & criminals..

    We all have this shadow hiding deep inside of us,
    Some felt it,
    Some let it out,
    & some are still suppressing & feeding that shadow..
    I think that as long as it’s under control,
    It’s really a great quality to have inside..
    The real fight is that we have when we feel Anger, Passion or Faith..
    Only such great reactions can bring out a part of that shadow,
    Either to kill us,
    Or to fight for us..

    This piece is my favourite 🙂

    Absolutely Great ♥

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