Rainbow Resume


السَّلامُ عَلَيْكُم ورَحْمَةُ اللهِ وَبَرَكاتُه

Rabab Maher

I’m a citizen of the earth and empowered empath.

My energy revolves around heart healing and my personal values: graceful self-growthcreative expression and functional learning. I’m all about transparency, congruency, truth, fairness and kindness. I believe in prevention over treatment, – ‘A dirham of prevention is better than a wealth of cure.’ – possibility over hope, dancing with discomfort, embracing fear and gracious gratitude over complaints (a luxury in and of itself).

I’m also an insatiable bibliophile and otaku.




HOW I REALISE MY WHY: Functional Framework for an open, receptive and embracing ear, mind and heart.

HEART HEALING:Grasp and embody Ash-Shahâdah for TRUE LOVE to appreciate the ultimate truth, mercy, kindness, gratitude, forgiveness and patience, with unwavering devotion for surrendering freedom and flexibility (heart resiliency).
HONE INTUITION:Assimilate and implement Istikhâra Prayer for ALL decision-making, before EVERY deed, in ALL areas of life.
ESSENTIAL ELEMENTS:Clarify the fundamentals for a firm (and fuss free) foundation (for flexible flow).
SIMPLIFYING THE COMPLEX:See, assess and deconstruct the big picture into small sustainable systems™.
REGENERATE CLARITY:Explore possibilities by discerning the facts, identifying discrepancies and preconceptions, and reframing perspectives and perceptions, for a critical, constructive, neutral and objective mindset shift.


Your malady is from you, but you do not perceive it.
Your panacea is within you, yet you do not sense it.

You presume you are a tiny speck,
But within you is enfolded the entire universe.

You are indeed the evident book,
By whose alphabets the hidden manifest.

There is no need to look beyond yourself,
As what you seek is within you if you only reflect.

‘Ali Ibn Abi Tālib رضي الله عنه

Functional Focus™

  • SPiritual Life Coach

    Heart Healing

    December 2022

    MISSION: Coaching mindful hearts to embody the essence of Tawheed so they are Muslim BEings as THE way of life for a healing heart inshâ’Allâh.

    ETHOS ~ ESSE: The Panacea to ALL that ails our ESSENTIAL NATURE is within us by simply Embodying the ESSENCE of Tawheed, TO BE Muslims, AND Breathe Islâm as a Way of Life, for a Healing Heart until we return to ALLÂH ﷻ.

    FOCUS: Past, present and future spending of time, energy, health, money, and gained knowledge and skills.

  • Mindfulness Teacher

    Attention, Intention and Intuition

    October 2022

    MISSION: Empowering mindful hearts to grow in self-awareness so they gain perspective and be present with thoughtfulness for intentional, attentional and intuitional deeds inshâ’Allâh.


    • Mindful Mental Health:
      • Spirituality: Heart healing, alignment and wellbeing
      • Physiological health: bodily function fundamentals
      • Mastering mindset: beliefs, feelings, thoughts
      • External elements: environmental factors
      • Energy flow: balancing imbalances
    • Mindful Nutrition:
      • Intentional nasal and diaphragmatic breathing
      • Conscientious and conscious consumption
      • Body awareness, respect and love
      • Mindful movement
      • Ethical eating

    AIM: Present spending of time, energy, health, money, and gained knowledge and skills for reconnexion, realignment and rebalance.

  • Life Purpose Coach

    Aligning WITH the Whisperings of the Heart

    May 2022

    To provide coaching that mentors, guides and empowers mindful hearts to identify and define their “personal why” so they live purposefully in alignment with Islâm and their inner truth.

  • Life Coach

    Aligning WITH the Whisperings of the Heart

    April 2022

    MISSION: To challenge and empower mindful hearts so they simply start and move forward by clarifying objectives, experimenting with new possibilities and overcoming obstacles for sustainable self-growth in alignment with Islâm.

    FOCUS: Present and future spending of time, energy, health, money, and gained knowledge and skills.

    Creating, enhancing or embedding:

    • Commitment Canvas™
      • a visual representation of the written
    • Growth Goals
    • Healing Boundaries
    • Healing Habits™
    • Mindful Momentum™
    • Practical Purposeful Planning
    • Restorative Routine
    • Sustainable Skills

    AIM: Reconnexion, realignment and rebalance.

  • Body Healing Coach

    Intentional and Intuitional Body Listening

    November 2018

    HOLISTIC ENERGY HEALING: Appreciating the body’s healing cycle, its nuances and intricacies, signs and symptoms, connexion between individual triggers and health concerns, to initiate healing – after healing from ALLÂH ﷻ.

    MISSION: Empowering mindful hearts to interpret individual unique triggers so they learn to connect them with their health concerns for rebalance – in alignment with Islâm.

    FOCUS: Finding, assessing and rebalancing imbalances, whilst strengthening the immune system, to help heal from the inside out for optimal health, as well as aid in bringing the best out of mindful hearts so they take full responsibility for their own whole wellbeing and regain creative control of their way of life inshâ’Allâh.

    AIM: Restore balance at a psycho-emotional (feelings, emotions, beliefs), physiological (energy, meridians, organs) and social (daily life) level.

  • Essential Oil Coach


    August 2017

    To guide eco-conscious hearts to help heal with natural earth aromatics – after healing from ALLÂH ﷻ – so they care for themselves, others and the environment, in alignment with Islâm.

    November 2022

    Bringing shinrin yoku (forest bathing) indoors  body reset and synchronisation, earthy aromatherapy, particular houseplants and specific essential oils for the medicine cabinet.

Energy Healing

  • EFT Practitioner

    Emotional Freedom Technique

    May 2022

    I practise a simple-to-learn-yet-effective EFT to help rewire the heart, brain and nervous system by dissolving obstacles for heart healing, mental clarity and energy flow inshâ’Allâh.

  • Hand Reflexologist


    September 2018

    I practise a holistic massage technique and treatment that helps to soothe, rebalance and improve the function of body systems, improve circulation, the flow of oxygen and absorption of nutrients into cells, via reflex points on the hand correlating with various body parts.

    When pressure is activated on any of the reflex points, a message is sent via our body to relax the organ/gland for the benefit of relieving symptoms and releasing stress, in turn help with supporting the healing of the body back into a stable equilibrium AFTER healing from ALLÂH ﷻ.

  • PSYCH-K® Facilitator

    Subconscious Rewiring

    May 2015

    I practise a non-invasive method to help change limiting and sabotaging subconscious beliefs – behaviour, habits, resistances, stressors – to restore balance.

Functional Flow™

  • BarreAmped® BOUNCE Level 2

    Dynamic Movement

    October 2021

    ‘Combines classic barre with rebounding.’

  • BarreAmped® BOUNCE Level 1

    Dynamic Movement

    September 2021

    ‘BarreAmped® BOUNCE brings simple yet challenging BarreAmped routines to the trampoline, for a fun, dynamic workout.’

  • Pilates Teacher

    Mindful Movement

    October 2018

    Strengthen, lengthen and condition muscles at a functional level as well as gain mental clarity and concentration.

    Based on the three fundamental core principles – breath, whole-body health and whole-body commitment, Pilates is a mind-body exercise encouraging body awareness via precise and focussed moves enhancing balance and control. It’s the mental focus of a controlled move that develops mental and physical control encompassing and emphasising the eight principles of Pilates.

    Eight Pilates Principles:
    1. Breath
    2. Alignment
    3. Centring
    4. Concentration
    5. Control
    6. Precision
    7. Flow, Fluidity
    8. Routine, Integration

Functional Flexibility™

  • T’ai Chi Chuan Practitioner

    Medicinal Movement

    December 2018

    Moving meditation for stress relief, free energy flow and coordination through slow and precise movements to restore balance.

  • Yoga Specialist

    Medicinal Movement

    October 2018

    Relearning the fundamentals for correct breathing, breathwork and foundational alignment.

    • P.R.E.S.S. Yoga: Pelvic Relaxation and Elongation of Sub-structural Systems (Pelvic Pain Relief)
    • Yoga for Core Strength and Flexibility
    • Teaching Yoga Freedom
    • Hatha Yoga

Eco-Conscious AromArtisanry™

  • Natural Perfumer

    Aromatic Formulation

    January 2018

    I formulate natural organic scents from ethically sourced essentials oils and aromatics for body mists, oil perfumes and solid perfumes, in harmony with Prophetic Medicine.

  • Natural Fragrance Formulator

    Aromatic Formulation

    January 2018

    I formulate natural organic aromas for skincare products – serums, body oils, balms and salves – from ethically sourced essentials oils and earth aromatics, in harmony with Prophetic Medicine.

  • Flower and Vibrational Essences Practitioner

    Flower Remedies

    September 2018

    I formulate alcohol-free floral remedies, by capturing the flower’s energy (vibration) imprint via sun or lunar steeping (in clean Ruqyah water), to restore balance in the body through subtly working with the body’s resonance and energy. They aid in rebalancing the direct and immediate emotions and then gradually the root cause.

    I facilitate mindful hearts to realise their feelings (and lifestyle habits) so they are able to communicate how they influence their entire wellbeing and the healing process. By confronting and acknowledging emotions, it raises self-awareness in understanding how they are affecting the body to initiate psycho-emotional healing, in turn impacting physical healing, for a balanced and healthy whole wellbeing.

    AFTER Healing from ALLÂH ﷻ.

  • Herbalist

    Herbal Medicine

    October 2018

    I use culinary herbs and herbal medicine for gentle healing  – after healing from ALLÂH ﷻ  – at a cellular level in harmony with Prophetic Medicine.

Creative Expression

  • Creative Editor


    Since 2015

    Only for specific works and selective clients:

    I suggest changes – restructuring and rewriting – in collaboration with the poet.

  • Editor

    Nonfiction Writing

    Since 2008

    Only for specific works and selective clients:

    I suggest changes – restructuring and rewriting – in collaboration with the writer.

  • Copyeditor

    Written Content

    Since 2007

    Only for specific works and selective clients:

    I check for accuracy and formatting.

  • Writer

    Nonfiction Writing

    Since 2007

    I focus on short and long articles, preferably timeless in nature, captured persistent (and sometimes relentless) ideas, learnings, ponderings, reflections and thoughts floating in my mind. Plus the occasional book or product review.

  • Proofreader

    Fiction & Nonfiction Writing

    Since 2003

    Only for specific works and SELECTIVE clients:

    I check for typographical errors – typos, minor text errors and formatting errors.

  • Poet

    Mindful Heart

    Since 2003

    Conscientious, conscious and creative poetic bleedings and glimpses flowing from the heart.

  • Design Consultant

    Aesthetic Presentation

    Since 2011


    I consult about the design concept and/or layout of book covers, product ideas, websites.

  • Interior Decorator

    Eco-Conscious Environment

    January 2011


    I consult with emphasis on green living, functionality, decluttering, organisational systems and comfortable minimalism in harmony with client’s budget, creative style and purpose of space.

A work-in-progress.


Valuable experiences and invaluable appreciations from satisfied and generous clients الْحَمْدُ لله.

O ALLÂH, YOU know me better than myself, and I know myself better than them. O ALLÂH, make be better than what they think [of me], and forgive [me for] what they do not know [of my sins], and do not punish for what they[are] say[ing about me].

Sayyiduna AbuBakr AsSiddique رضي الله عنه