Rainbow Resume


السَّلامُ عَلَيْكُم ورَحْمَةُ اللهِ وَبَرَكاتُه


Your malady is from you, but you do not perceive it.
Your panacea is within you, yet you do not sense it.

You presume you are a tiny speck,
But within you is enfolded the entire universe.

You are indeed the evident book,
By whose alphabets the hidden manifest.

There is no need to look beyond yourself,
As what you seek is within you if you only reflect.

‘Ali Ibn Abi Tālib رضي الله عنه

Creative Expression


    Nonfiction Writing

    Since 2007

    Enlightening mindful hearts to make conscious, conscientious and creative choices through my written or spoken word and visual art inshâ’Allâh.

    I focus on short and long articles, preferably timeless in nature, captured persistent (and sometimes relentless) ideas, learnings, ponderings, reflections and thoughts floating in my mind. Due to my ongoing eclectic experience, I amalgamate all that I have learned – and continue to learn – into my writings.

  • Poet

    Whisperings of the Heart

    Since 2003

    Conscientious, conscious and creative poetic bleedings and glimpses flowing from a mindful heart.

  • Creative Editor

    Creative Writing

    Since 2015

    Only for specific works and selective clients:

    I suggest changes – restructuring and rewriting – in collaboration with the poet or writer.

  • Design Consultant

    Aesthetic Presentation

    Since 2011


    I consult about the design concept and/or layout of book covers, product ideas, websites.

  • Visual Artist

    Visual Expression

    In Transition

    A work in progress.

Heart Healing & Versatile Self-Growth

Functional Framework for an open, receptive and embracing ear, mind and heart.

  • Mindful Heart Mentor

    Core Clarity

    Since 2014

    Empowering mindful hearts to grow in self-awareness so they gain perspective and be present with thoughtfulness for intentional, attentional and intuitional deeds inshâ’Allâh ~ for reconnexion, realignment and rebalance.

    HEART RESILIENCY: Grasping and embodying Ash-Shahâdah for TRUE LOVE to appreciate the ultimate truth, mercy, kindness, gratitude, forgiveness and patience, with unwavering devotion for surrendering freedom and flexibility.

    HONE INTUITION: Assimilating and implementing Istikhâra Prayer for ALL decision-making, before EVERY deed, before embarking on a journey or any kind of investment, for THE ULTIMATE GUIDANCE.

    WAQF AS A WAY OF LIFE: Seeking rewiring transformations and life visions that serve as WAQF until our last breath and after, especially BIG ones that will become your source of earnings and contribution to the ummah.



    Since 2012

    ESSENTIAL ELEMENTS: Clarifying the fundamental principles for a firm (and fuss freefoundation (for flexible flow).

    FOCAL FIVE: Fard time-frame and the present spending and investment of time, energy, health, money, and gained knowledge and skills.

    I also consult with emphasis on green living, functionality, decluttering, organisational systems and comfortable minimalism in harmony with your budget, creative style, purpose of space, personal purpose and lifestyle.

  • Bespoke CLarity Coach

    Practical Purposeful Planning

    Since 2018

    Challenging and empowering mindful hearts so they simply start and move forward by clarifying objectives, experimenting with new possibilities and overcoming obstacles for sustainable self-growth in alignment with Islâm.

    SIMPLIFYING THE COMPLEX: See, assess and deconstruct the big picture into small sustainable systems™ to simply start and develop dedicated deliberate deeds ~ in one or all life domains for energetic wellness and a better quality of life.

    DECISIVE HOLISTIC REWIRING: The change you want to realise for nourishment, healing and rewiring for transitional, sustainable, incremental transformation and energy resonance ~ Who you want to BE.

    REGENERATE CLARITY: Exploring possibilities by discerning the facts, identifying discrepancies and preconceptions, and reframing perspectives and perceptions, for a critical, constructive, neutral and objective mindset shift.

  • AromArtisan™

    Eco-conscious & Eco-conscientious Lifestyle

    Since 2017

    Guiding eco-conscious hearts to help heal with natural earth aromatics – after healing from ALLÂH ﷻ – so they care for themselves, others and the environment, in alignment with Islâm.

    Qur’ânic and Prophetic healing, nourishment, medicine, hygiene and beauty; simple and intentional natural hormone-balancing (regenerative) whole earth aromatics, and ethically raised and sourced creations, as well as ecotherapy – blessings and bounties from ALLÂH ﷻ. All in harmony with one’s own individual and unique constitution, whilst taking self-responsibility.

    Aromatherapy, botanicals, essential oils, herbal medicine, perfumery, skincare, nutrition, juicing and smoothies (aroma) formulation (artisan). In addition to bringing shinrin yoku (forest bathing) indoors – body reset and synchronisation, earthy aromatherapy, particular houseplants and specific essential oils for the medicine cabinet.

A work-in-progress.


Valuable experiences and invaluable appreciations from satisfied and generous clients الْحَمْدُ لله.

O ALLÂH, YOU know me better than myself, and I know myself better than them. O ALLÂH, make be better than what they think [of me], and forgive [me for] what they do not know [of my sins], and do not punish for what they[are] say[ing about me].

Sayyiduna AbuBakr AsSiddique رضي الله عنه